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The Instigator Complains: They Tackled, Hit And Shot Me”

Mk Aymon Odeh from the ‘Joint Arab party’, who took part in violent protests in the Negev today complains and blames after getting hurt “this is a direct order form Netanyahu to flare up the Negev”

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Chairman of the ‘Joint Arab party’, MK Ayman Odeh, who according to police took part in violent protests this morning in the Bedouin town of Um-el-Chiren, was slightly injured in the head and was transferred to Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva for treatment.

In an interview Odeh gave to Israel Army Radio (Galey Tshal) from his hospital bed, he said “this morning police forces arrived, about a thousand forced and brutally attacked the people of Um-El-Chiren. We were negotiating with the authorities till midday, but they betrayed us”.

Instead of acknowledging that this was a court decision, he went on to accuse PM Netanyahu for the mayhem, “this is a direct order from Netanyahu, who wants to flare up the area. They destroyed 11 homes in Kalnoswa and now they are destroying an entire town”.

Referring to allegations that the protesters were not respecting the court’s decision, Odeh said “you have to respect the court’s decision, as well you have to negotiate, what – there is no court in Amona, there is only a court against the Arabs? A shame”.

He also shared how he got injured “I was injured on my head and back, the police tackled me, hit me, and shot me in a brutal manner”.

Not willing to face the reality and instead choosing to remain in denial, he failed to acknowledge that a police officer was murdered during the unrests. “I wasn’t there, but it can’t be, because we decided that everything will be peaceful, I can’t believe it”.

Minister of Interior Gilad Erdan responded to Odeh’s claims on ‘Israel Army Israel’ saying, “Mr. Oman Aydah contributed very negatively to this day. I don’t believe a word he said, they are all lies and he knows it, he is just putting up a show in a sobbing voice because he knows that he contributed to the terrible incident that happened today. It’s very possible that there will be criminal consequences for his actions.

Translated by Eli B.

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