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Accident On Golda Meir Blvd. In Yerushalayim Exposes Residents Aren’t Being Taken Seriously

A 28-year-old man was struck by a bus on Golda Meir blvd. in Yerushalayim this morning, causing cosmic traffic for the morning rush hour, and showing that the city’s plan to reduce traffic is not being implemented

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A-28- year-old man was struck by a bus on Golda Meir blvd. near the Har Hotsvim intersection in Yerushalayim this morning. MDA volunteers quickly arrived on the scene, administered treatment and transferred the injured pedestrian, listed in moderate condition, to Hadasa hospital.
Eli Rappaport a ‘Tzevet Hatsolah’ volunteer who treated the injured man said: “When I arrived on the scene I saw a man in his forties who was suffering from injuries after being struck by a passing bus. Together with MDA volunteers we treated him and then transferred him to Hadasa trauma center, listed in serious condition, with head injuries”.
In-spite of the accident, the daily traffic into the capital from the direction of Mod’in, was terribly exasperated and a simple 20 minute ride took the residents over an hour to complete.
Many Ramot residents chose to walk to work since that would be faster than taking public transportation which was at an almost total standstill.
Interesting to note: A few months ago, there was campaign sponsored by the municipality to find a solution to the terrible daily morning traffic jam on Golda Meir Blvd.
The campaign was initiated after residents complained that the daily morning-jam was becoming unbearable.
One of the suggestions made was to have a tow truck parked at the side of the road so that in the case of a lane being blocked by a stalled car or any other obstacle, the tow truck can quickly intervene and traffic can resume flowing smoothly as soon as possible.
For the first few weeks after the campaign, there was in fact a tow-truck parked at the side of the road, but unfortunately for reasons that are unknown, it is no longer seen at its designated spot.
The lack of earnestness in taking care of the traffic problem has led to an unnecessary long delay after today’s accident, causing a very long delay for residents trying to get their destinations.

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