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Strike In Yerushalayim: Court Invites Both Sides For A Hearing

At the request of the Finance Ministry the yerushalaim strike will be brought to court-ministry claims: “Yerushalayim municipality is audaciously violating the court order”

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Aside from the tremendous pile-up of garbage all over Yerushalayim due to the municipality strike taking place, Kindergartens are also being affected.
Yerushalayim is entering its third day of a city-wide municipality strike, which started after Mayor Nir Barkat, claimed his city was being discriminated against, and wasn’t receiving enough funding. Mayor Barkat is asking the finance ministry for an additional 200 million nis, so that the city can continue functioning smoothly. The finance ministry is refusing Barkat’s request, and the Mayor is holding true to his word and is carrying out a city-wide strike.
The finance ministry turned to court today, claiming that the Yerushalaim municipality is violating the court orde;, which forbids it from stalling the education system under its auspices.
The ministry’s complaint states: “Yerushalayim municipality is audaciously violating the court order given on 29/1/2017… and is not running kinder gardens and after school programs today. In light of this, the court is asked to immediately clarify that kinder gardens and after school programs be immediately resumed…”

That the Yerushalayim municipality tried to bypass the court order, with the claim that the city is only the intermediary where the money is transferred through to the kindergartens, and is not directly responsible.
The finance ministry says that this claim is inconsistent with the municipality’s earlier claims, and should not be taken seriously.
The Yerushalayim regional court scheduled a hearing for today, at 5:00 PM Israel time, both sides have been invited to take part in the hearing.

Translated by Eli

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