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Amona Expulsion Underway

Police and border police are currently in the midst of forcefully evacuating the town of Amona located in the Binyamin Region-Residents are passively resisting

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The expulsion of Amona is now underway: Police are in the midst of forcefully expelling the towns residence and approximately another 1,000 people that came to show support and decry the expulsion.

Police forces arrived at the predawn hours at the bottom of the town, which is located at the peak of the mountain, at about 6:00 AM headed up, and into Amona.
It is estimated that there are about 1,500 people in the town, 200 of whom are residents and the remainder came from far and wide to support the residents at this dark moment, and to decry the crime taking place; of forcefully evicting Jews from their homes in Erets Yisroel.

Resident have clearly stated and reiterated many times that they would not resist violently, rather, it would be a passive resistance. They will not leave their homes willingly and on their own two feet, but would have to be forcibly removed.
Many of the supporters that arrived in Amona to protest the eviction have joined the families in their homes, some even tied themselves with chains to one another and to objects around the homes, in order to impediment the expulsion.

As of now, the evictions is underway and police are encountering heavy resistance from the residents, albeit passive non-violent resistance. The residents are being removed from their homes, some in shock, others in bitter tears, not sure where they will be tomorrow.

By Eli B.

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