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Israel’s Ambassador To Egypt Recalled To Israel

Israel’s ambassador to Egypt returned to Israel because of security concerns- according to a report by the ‘British Telegraph’

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Israel’s ambassador to Egypt David Gubrin returned to Israel because of concerns for his safety, reports the ‘British Telegraph’. The ‘Foreign ministry’ refrained from commenting on the matter, but the GSS (General Security Service) confirmed the report.

Two months ago, in December of 2016, the Israeli embassy’s staff returned to Israel after concerns were raised for their safety. Ambassador David Gubrin, together with a small group of embassy staff members, remained behind in Cairo until a further decision was made.

The General security agency (Shin Bet) confirmed the report and added that the ambassador was in Israel for a few weeks already and, “Due to security reasons, the return of the Israeli diplomatic team to Cairo has been postponed”.

Last year, the ‘selective committee’ of the foreign ministry, chose Gubrin to the post of Israel’s ambassador to Egypt, in place of Chaim Koren, who asked to resign after serving as ambassador for the past two years.

Guvrin was only officially appointed ambassador to Egypt in December of 2016, after his appointment was approved by Egypt’s president Abed El-Patach A-Sisi.

The Israeli embassy in Cairo has been vacant for the last four years, after it was attacked in September of 2011. During the attack, locals stormed the building, and damaged, looted and destroyed the offices of the Israel’s foreign ministry.

The Israeli staff residing there at the time were in grave danger, and were B’’H airlifted out by Egypt’s air force, after the U.S. state department intervened and put pressure on Egypt’s army, which was in control of the country at the time.

Translated by Eli B.

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