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Fatal Airplane Crash: How Ohad Cohen Nove Z”L Was Killed

Four months after the fatal airplane crash at the Rimon Air-base that killed sergeant Ohad Nov Z’’L, the investigative military commission handed in their findings to the air force commander

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IDF airplane incident: Four months after the fatal plane crash at the Rimon air-base which took the life of sergeant Ohad Cohen Nove Z’’L, the military investigative commission presented their final report on the incident to the Air Force commander.

The accident occurred during a routine training exercises at the Rimon air-base, while the fighter jet was attempting a vertical landing. The investigation reveals, that although the crew operated according to protocol, and no technical error was identified, the crew still lost control of the aircraft.

Upon losing control of the aircraft, the crew opted to evacuate and immediately ejected from the jet. Unfortunately, the pilot; Sargent Ohad Cohen Nove Z” L was killed in the process.

For many years, the air force has been aware that the vertical landings carry risks, but didn’t fully understand the extent of them. The air-force commander received the investigations conclusion and commented that “we are talking about a severe accident.
The air force has implemented new protocols and protective measures, in the hope of avoiding such incidents in the future.

Translated by Eli B.

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