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Knapsack Containing 160 Thousand NIS Found In Bnei Brak

Guests partaking in a simcha in Bnei Brak discovered a suspicious looking knapsack near the hall and immediately alerted the police. The knapsack was found to contain a large sum of money and was promptly returned to its rightful owner

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Police and bomb zappers were called down to a simcha hall on rechov Ahronovits in Bnei Brak last night, after guests noticed a suspicious looking knapsack and immediately alerted authorities.

“Bechadrei Chareidim” inquired into the incident and discovered that the suitcase belonged to one of the guests attending the simcha from chuts la’arets. Upon arriving at the hall, the guest exited his car and took his precious knapsack along with him, as he made his way into the hall. However, since he was rushing, he mistakenly forgot his knapsack near his car and entered the hall without it.

Guest’s and passerby’s who noticed the suspicious looking knapsack, notified the Dan regional police who immediately arrived on the scene together with a bomb-zapper.

It’s not clear why the zapper refrained from detonating the suitcase as is the usual practice in such incidents, but instead searched the knapsack, discovering a large sum of money inside. The police started searching the nearby hall in the hope of finding the owner, and B’’H managed to locate him inside the hall.

The owner collected his lost valuable knapsack and kindly thanked the police, who were Mekayim Hashovas Aveida.

Translated by Eli B.

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