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Watch: Eviction Of Nine Homes In Ofra Underway

Security forces are streaming to Ofra this morning in preparation of the upcoming eviction of the nine homes in the town today- ordered by Israel’s high court

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Eviction of Ofra homes: Hundreds of border police and IDF soldiers arrived in Ofra this morning to carry out the eviction order of nine homes which have allegedly been built on private Arab land.

Hundreds are on the scene protesting the eviction.

9:35 AM update- Police spokesman says “In these minutes’ police forces have begun the evacuation of the nine homes in Ofra, in accordance with the courts order. As well, there is continuous talk between the local residents and local officials in order to avoid unnecessary confrontations and to insure that security forces can carry out their mission without any injuries”.

The IDF spokesman also released a statement this morning saying “Per the courts evacuation order of the nine homes in Ofra, security forces have been deployed in the town in preparation for the evacuation and to insure the law and order in the area”.
The evacuation is expected to take place today. Hundreds of youths and activists are pouring into the town to protest the destruction of the nine homes. The protests are expected to be passive and are intended to hinder the work of the evacuation forces. No violence is expected to take place throughout the expulsion, and police claim that they have sufficient forces there and are not planning on bringing in any more.

Israel’s high court high court rejected last night, another petition by the residents to have the homes spared. In her verdict statement last night, high justice Miriam Ne’or wrote, “The high court’s decision in February of 2015 was to destroy the nine homes in Ofra that were not built legally”.

As previously reported the high court ordered the nine homes destroyed back in 2015, but residents have continuously petitioned the court to revoke the order, but were unfortunately unsuccessful.

7:00 PM- Update: As these lines are being written residents of the last of the nine homes are being expelled from their home, and the expulsion is almost complete. The tractors are moving in to begin destroying the homes.

Another forced expulsion for Jews living in Erets Yisroel in 2017.

Although expulsions of Jews seemed like a thing of the past, regretfully this is the second expulsion already this year in Erets Yisroel.

With all the talk of a right wing government not permitting it to happen- we can only rely on Hashem.

Translated by Eli B.

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