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State Comptroller Report Levels Harsh Criticism On Cabinet And IDF

The state comptroller released sections of the “operation protective edge” report dealing with decisions made during and prior to the operation on the Gaza Strip, as well as the policy on the tunnel threat

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The state comptroller made public two chapters of the “Protective Edge” report today, which deal with the decision making process before and during operation protective edge, and with the tunnel threat saga.

The report reveals essential flaws in the way the security cabinet dealt with the threats from Gaza Strip prior and during the operation. The cabinet also failed to adequately convene and discuss the Gaza threat and were not presented with essential details necessary to making proper decisions on the matter.

The report also reveals that cabinet members were not told of the magnitude of the tunnel threat, rather, they were only hinted to in some of the meetings. Even when they were told of the magnitude of the tunnel threat, they did not inquire much further nor did they ask the army for its view on the matter or what its plan of action is to neutralize the threat.

The report further reveals that the state failed to reinforce the security in the Gaza region towns. The allegation is exasperated especially since the army did not have the proper means to deal with the tunnel threat which became a reality once operation protective edge was underway. This led the residents to feel that their security was compromised.

One of the main points made by the report is the lack of transparency within the many government and military agencies, which contributed to the erroneous decision making process during “Protective Edge”.

The report offers insights and lessons that will hopefully be learned and incorporated into the handling of future terror threats.

By Eli B.

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