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Father Of Five Converts To Islam And Joins ISIS

Cleared for publication that the GSS arrested Vladimir Mazelovsky, an Israeli citizen and father of five who attempted to join ISIS in Syria

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A gag-order has been lifted revealing that the GSS in conjunction with the police arrested Vladimir Mazelovsky, a resident of Shibly in northern Israel on February 7.

Mazelovsky was arrested after intelligence information indicated that he was attempting to reach ISIS in Syria and fight alongside the terror state.

Mazelovsky immigrated to Israel from Belarus back in 1996, and converted to Islam in 2000 while still serving in the army. His conversion came after meeting his spouse, also a resident of Shibly, who was also serving in the army at the time.

The investigation reveals that Mazelovsky identifies with the ISIS ideology, and even bought a one-way ticket to Turkey with the intention of crossing over the border into Syria to join ISIS.

Mazelovsky was very involved with online ISIS blogs, and even coordinated his arrival in Syria with ISIS fighters who were anticipating him.

Security officials view the joining of ISIS as an extremely harsh offense, and are doing whatever they can to curb the dangerous trend.

ISIS is very active in spreading false propaganda depicting the good life for people who join their ranks in Iraq and Syria. This marketing technique has unfortunately been successful in the past, and drew thousands of people from around the world to ISIS’s ranks.

The northern district prosecution submitted to the Nazareth court a severe indictment against Mazelovsky, today.

Translated by Eli B.

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