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Stabbing Terror Attack South Of Chevron

A terrorist entered a home in Chavat Moreh in the southern Chevron region brandishing two knives in an attempt to butcher the family- the family dog attacked the terrorist and B''H halted the attack

Tags: terror attackChevronIsrael

A terror stabbing attack occurred a short while ago in the south Chevron region. An Arab terrorist entered a home brandishing two knives and stabbed the resident. B''H the man managed to shoot the terrorist, neutralize him and prevent a much more horrific attack.

At about 4:00 PM the terrorist infiltrated the town of Chavat Moreh located in the southern chevron mountains, brandishing two knives.

A local resident heard a commotion outside his home and went to see what was going on. Upon seeing the terrorist, the resident retreated into his house to get his gun, while the terrorist took chase into the house where the man’s wife and baby were.

The terrorist attempted to stab the resident when the family dog pounced on him. B''H the man was able to retrieve his gun on time and fire at the terrorist, neutralizing him until security forces arrived on the scene.

MDA Personnel who arrived on the scene found a man in his thirties suffering from multiple stab wounds but fully conscious.

Translated By Eli B.

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