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Toddler Vanishes In Bnei Brak And Turns Up In Netivot Over 50 Miles Away

A Two-year-old toddler Vanished in Bnei Brak tonight, his frantic parents alerted police who B’’H found the toddler- surprisingly on a bus in Netivot, which he boarded on his own

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A shocking incident took place tonight (Sunday) in Bnei Brak, when a two-year-old toddler vanished in the late afternoon hours. Upon realizing that the child was missing his parents immediately alerted the police, which launched a massive search to locate the missing child.

B’’H a few hours later police managed to locate the missing toddler, he was fine and unharmed. Police were quite surprised when they found the child in an unexpected location-Netivot, located in southern Israel over 50 miles from Bnei Brak where the boy originally disappeared.

A preliminary investigation reveals that the two-year-old toddler, parted from his parents and boarded a bus on his own to Netivot. Police launched a search together with Hatsalah to locate the missing boy and B’’H found him on the Bus in Netivot.
The child was taken back to Bnei Brak where he was reunited with his parents.

The police will have to investigate how a two year managed to get onto a bus and travel half the country all by himself.

Translated by Eli B.

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