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IDF Eliminates Wanted Terrorist In Overnight Raid

After exchanging fire with IDF forces, Basal AL Arag was eliminated- the incident ignited waves of unrest around Yeshuda and Shomron


As Part of a joint operation between the General Security Service and the Yamam Special anti-terror unit overnight (Sunday), a wanted terrorist was eliminated in Ramallah. The terrorist was eliminated after he opened fire on troops that came to arrest him.

The IDF and Yamam anti-terror unit arrived at the wanted terrorists house in Ramallah last night to arrest him. As the troops moved into the area the terrorist opened fire on them. Troops immedicably returned fire and a fierce gun battle erupted, during which the terrorist was eliminated.

B’’H there were no casualties or injuries reported among the IDF forces. The forces proceeded to search the house and found an M16 and Karol style rifle, which is assumed the terrorist used to fire on the troops.

The shootout caused a great commotion and riots ensued throughout the whole area; with rioters pelting the IDF with stones and other artifacts. During the unrests two Arabs were injured on the lower parts of their body, and were evacuated to the Hospital by the Red Crescent.

The eliminated terrorist is Basal Al Arag,31, originally from Beis Lechem. According to the IDF he headed a terror cell that planned terror attacks against Israeli targets.

Basal himself was in charge of the cells plans, and for procuring ammunition for attacks.

Security forces have been cracking down lately on isolated terror cells throughout Yehuda and Shomron, after a wave of shooting attacks which have taken place in the Binyamin region.

Translated by Eli B.

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