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Hezbollah Operative Arrested In Israel- Planned Attacks And Kidnappings

A Hezbollah operative was arrested after intelligence services learned he was planning attacks against Israelis, including kidnappings for prisoner swaps

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A gag order has been lifted revealing that the General Security Service together with the IDF and the Israeli police, arrested a Hezbollah operative in Israel. Yoosef Yaser Soylem,23- from Kalkilyah was arrested after intelligence services learned he was planning terror attacks, including kidnapping Israelis- on behalf of the terror organization Hezbollah.
The Shabak interrogation revealed that Soylem, a locksmith by profession was recruited to Hezbollah through their Facebook page, which provides the terror organization with a platform for recruiting new members.
At some point Soylem was told to open an “Operational” email account, to which he was sent encryption software, through which he was in touch with a Hezbollah commander by the name of “Abu Chasin”.
Soylem was told by his operators in Hezbollah to carry out sensitive reconnaissance missions of IDF bases, checkpoints and sites in the old city of Yerushalayim.
He was also ordered to put together a terror cell for the sake of kidnapping Israelis and transferring them to Lebanon.
B’’H Soylam was arrested begore he was able to carry out any of the attacks he planned. An indictment was handed in to the Shomron regional court today, attributing to him severe security offenses.
By Eli Shleyzinger
Translated by Eli B.

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