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Shocking Footage: Fire Breaks Out In Fireworks Factory In Israel

Two killed and eight injured in a fire that broke out in a fireworks factory in Israel this morning- Watch: fire burning out of control and firecrackers exploding

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At approximately 10:40 in the morning, Israel time, a fire broke out in a Fireworks factory located in Moshav Porat, in the Sharon region not far from Tel Aviv.

The fire broke out in the warehouse which stores the firecrackers for ‘Lavi-Omega’, a firm that manufactures firecrackers. The fire quickly spread through the warehouse and set off the firecrackers in unrelenting explosions that shook the entire area.

Five firefighting crews rushed to the scene to battle the blaze, which was also threatening to engulf nearby homes. some homes adjacent to the factory also caught fire, and firefighters worked on putting them out too.

MADA personnel who arrived on the scene treated 8 people for injuries, a 50-year man in critical condition, 30 year old man in moderate condition, and the remainder were treated for shock.

A fire also broke out last night in the stairwell of a building on Rechov Montefiore. The women who phoned the fire department was instructed by the dispatcher to stay in her apartment and wait for emergency personnel to arrive. The woman was later rescued from her apartment by police and firefighters and was treated for smoke inhalation.

Translated by Eli B.

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