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Police Officer Breaks Into Bnei Brak Home- Saves Toddler From Falling Three Stories

Eliron Ben-Yishai, a Bnei Brak municipal police officer, broke into a home on rechov Sfas Emes and saved a toddler moments before an imminent fall from the third floor

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Chasdei Hashem: A dramatic rescue took place in Bnei brak last week, when Eliron Ben-Yishai , a municipal police officer in Bnei Brak, broke into a home and saved a toddler from plunging three stories.

The incident took place last week Wednesday, when Aryeh, a two and half year toddler, was standing on the balcony of his third-floor porch on rechov Sfas Emes, peacefully gazing at the passersby’s down below. Without realizing, the toddler pushed himself into the space between the wall and the railing, leaving half his body dangling in mid-air.
The neighbors in the nearby buildings realized what was going on, and tried to alert the parents to what was going on- but to no avail.
In a miracle: At that moment, Eliron Ben-Yishai, the municipal police officer, passed by and realized what was going on. Not hesitating for a moment, Ben-Yishai ran up the three flights, burst into the apartment. without explaining what he was doing there, he ran for the porch and retrieved the toddler, moments before a fall, chas veshalom.
After saving the toddler Ben-Yishai turned to the stunned parents and explained the reason of his sudden and unexpected burst into the home.
The parents thanked Hashem for the miracle, and the next day installed metal bars on the porch to prevent a similar incident from taking place.
The parents were very moved and thanked Ben-Yishai and his partner Zoabi for acting fast to save their child. In a letter of appreciation to the municipality police, the parents wrote, “If not for his quick resourcefulness, who knows what would have happened. These officers contribute to the honor of Israel’s police when they prove initiative and resourcefulness. Not only with the fight against crime, but also in saving lives. And this was done with caring and sensitivity”.

Translated by Eli B.

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