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End Of Winter Zman Inspection: Department Of Education Swoops Down On The Mir Yeshiva

As the winter zman winds to an end: A team of 13 inspectors from the department of education arrived at the Mir this morning for a surprise inspection- the inspectors requested to affirm the physical presence of 600 out of the over 5,000 registered talmidim in the Mir


End of Zman inspection: Inspectors from the department of education showed up at Israel’s largest yeshiva this morning- the Mir.

The inspectors showed up at the beginning of first seder and requested to affirm the physical presence of 600 out of the over 5,000 registered lomdei Torah in the yeshiva.

“Bechadrei Chareidim” was informed that the inspectors arrived in a group of 13, 11 men and two women for the inspection; which lasted for a duration of a little over an hour.

The inspectors requested to see all talmidim whose last name begins with the letters, Vov, Zayin, and yud, which adds up to approximately 600 talmidim, about 10% of the total enrolled student body in the Mir.

The student inspection is a routine practice of the department of education, and all educational institutions in Israel are required to pass an annual inspection. The inspections come unannounced, and if a certain quota of students isn’t present to be verified, the institution can lose its government funding.

Head of Vaad Hayeshivos in Israel R’ Chaim Koyfman, recently brought to the attention of Minister of Education Naftali Benet, the problems that arose from surprise inspections that were performed in some Yeshivas over Purim. He explained to Minister Bennet, that the inspections which were carried out in Yeshivas over Purim came at a time when the Yeshiva, and the Chareidi world at large celebrates Purim, which results in an alternative schedule in the Yeshivas for more than just one day.

In light of this, Minister Bennet ordered the department to re-inspect the institutions that were inspected over Purim in order to give them a fair chance to pass the inspection.

Minister Bennet commented over the inspections saying, “The Holiday of Purim is not just a one day holiday in the chareidi yeshivas. We should take them into consideration and come towards them. I am requesting to look into the matter again”.

This time of the year is also not favored for an inspection, since many of the talmidim have started preparing for the upcoming Yom tov of Pesach, including the baking of Matsos, a project that takes many hours.

Translated by Eli B.

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