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  comments 5/2/2018 6:04:00 PM  | 
Baruch Dayan Ha’emes: Rebbitzen Of Lakewood Mashgiach Passes away
Harabanis Miriam Solomon A’’H, wife of Hagaon Hatsadik R’ Mattisyahu Solomon Shlita Mashgiach of Lakewood, passed way at 75
Moishe Wiseberg , 5 Dec 2016 23:34 (Israel time)
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“Bechadrei Chareidim’’ previously reported, Rebbitzen Miriam Solomon a’’h was taken to the hospital three months ago, after not feeling well. This past Motsei shabbos her situation took a turn for the worse and her family was called to be at her side.
At 10:00 am this morning she was nifter.

The Rebbitzen stood firm at the side of her husband the Mashgiach throughout all the years. First when her husband was Mashgiach in Gatsehead England for thirty years and for the last two decades as Mashgiach of Beis Medrish Govoah of Lakewood.

Her home was always open to people and she was a great source of inspiration to the women of the Kehillah.

The Levaya is set to take place today at the Bendheim(Yoshon) Beis medrish in Lakewood. The Aron is scheduled to arrive tomorrow (Tuesday) in Israel.

Translated by Eli B.
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ברוך דיין האמת  
אימנונוב 7:19 PM 12/5/2016

איזה מכה! היא הייתה אשה צדקת וחשובה עד מאוד
ה פעמים היא עזרה לנו, והרבה אחרים, להתיעץ עם המשגיח שליט" אפילו בזמנים שהיה אי אפשר לדבר אתו בעצמו, ותמיד היא עשתה זאת באופן מאוד חם וברצון טוב. מי יתן לנו תמורתה

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