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Motorbikes In Tunnels: Egyptian Army Discovers Tunnels From Gaza
The Egyptian army discovered two smuggling tunnels from the Gaza Strip into the Sinai Peninsula- the tunnels were found to contain motorbikes and sophisticated electrical infrastructure
By Eli Shleyzinger • Translated by Eli B. , 19 Mar 2017 16:47 (Israel time)
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Two smuggling tunnels were discovered by the Egyptian army in the Sinai Peninsula today. The tunnels originated from the border town of Rafiach in the Gaza Strip, and made their way into Egyptian territory in the Sinai Peninsula. A vast array of electrical equipment, and air circulators were found in the tunnels; a necessary means for lengthy tunnels.

The Egyptian army arrested 37 suspects in connection to the tunnels, and later destroyed both smuggling tunnels, putting an end to their smuggling activities.

An Egyptian Army spokesman commented on the discovery of the tunnels saying, “The Egyptian army will continue doing whatever necessary to discover and destroy all tunnels on the border- to prevent the Islamists from using them”.

The spokesman also reported that the tunnels contained a control room with electrical platforms, high voltage cables, speaker systems, and air-circulators.

Surprisingly, a couple of motor bikes were also found in the tunnels.

The discovery of sophisticated tunnels, containing control rooms and advanced systems, testifies to the progress terror groups have been making on the tunnel front. Transforming tunnels from an old means of smuggling, into a modern method of transport beneath the radar.

As well, the large investment terror groups have been pouring into the tunnel system, reveals their necessity, and terror organizations’ dependency on the underground network for their operations.

During operation ‘Protective Edge’ in 2014, the IDF discovered a terror tunnel in Israeli territory containing, RPG’s, rounds of artillery, launchers and Ak-47 assault rifles. Aside from the ammunition, the tunnel also had a few motorbikes facing the direction of Israel, which is assumed were prepared for a large-scale attack against Israeli towns near the Gaza border.

B’’H the tunnel was discovered in time and a large tragedy was averted.
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אין בעיה של כסף 
 4:27 PM 3/19/2017