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Knesset Discusses Hacking Of Chief Rabbinate Computers
The committee of ‘Science and technology’ convened this morning over the hacking of the Rabbanut Harashit computers- First reported here on ‘Bechadrei Chareidim’
Yackov Grodkah , 21 Mar 2017 00:35 (Israel time)
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“Bechadrei Chareidm’’ recently exposed that the Rabbanut Harashit computers were hacked about a month ago - this morning it made it to the Knesset.

The committee for ‘Science and Technology’ convened this morning over the computer hackings of the Rabbanut Harashits computers.

Mk Eliza Lavi who initiated the hearing said: “I was also exposed to the knowledge that was publicized a month ago. The computers are the property of the government, but the difference is, this is a department that carries very sensitive information of the status of citizens”.

Referring to the blatant breach in security, MK Lavi said, “I want to know how something like this happened, and what we can do that something like this does not happen a second time”.

Head of the committee, MK Uri Maklev also spoke at the hearing saying, “Every government document that is being held is in accordance with the law. Recently the government convened to create an agency that will protect material... I suggest that we share with that agency what happened and then we will see from there...”

Gidon Konfeeno from the department of ICT authority tried to calm the committee and explained that the incident wasn’t that severe. “To put things in perspective- there was no hacking into the computers, rather an interference in their function.

Hacking implies that one has broken into the system and can execute whatever he wants to. What happened here is, the system was infected with a virus that was injected via one of the employees browsing a site. This was not directed intentionally against the Rabbanut, nor was it an attack. An employee entered a certain site which encrypted information over to his computer. The moment that happened, our defense systems saw that a virus entered the system and we contacted the department of ‘Religion’ to deal with the incident.

The incident has been taken care of”.

Translated by Eli B.
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