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Jerusalem Day: Seven Jews arrested on Temple Mount
Accusation: lay down to pray against the law • Association 'Chaneinu': "Israeli police enforces racist laws against Jews" • the police took care of young Muslims' riots • Video
Eli Schlesinger, Behadrey Haredim , 9 May 2013 13:27 (Israel time)
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Jerusalem Day also sparked riots in the city: near the Damascus Gate, a few dozen Arab protesters arrived today (Wednesday), and held a demonstration which was not approved by the police, while they began to march towards the Jewish marchers. They were asked by police to leave several times, and when they refused – the police started scattering them.

Later, two Arab minors were detained for interrogation, after theyspilled water on a group of Jews who marched with flags at the Damascus Gate plaza. A young Arab who tried to prevent the arrest - was also arrested.

At Temple Mount this morning, a group of Jews arrived who wanted to enter with an Israeli flag and T-shirts printed with the flag of Israel. The shirts and flags were taken from them, and then they were allowed to enter.

Photo: Joint Staff of the Temple Movement

During the visit, a group member, 21, resident of Samaria, lay down to pray and thereby violated police guidelines prohibiting Jews to pray on the Temple Mount. Police force took him to the Kishela. An advocate on behalf of 'Chaneinu' is dealing with the case.

Later, a group of young Arabs who intended to violate the order on the Temple Mount, wanted to get in through the Chote Gate, police force prevented and dispersed them. They began throwing stones at the police, there were no casualties.

During the tour of a group which entered the Temple Mount area at around 9:30 am, one of the group bowed down on the ground. Waqf officials who were there pointed out to the police, who arrested the bowing Jew, and took him to the police station Kishela in the Old City.

Later, another group arrived, and at the end of the tour, near the Chain Gate, the group members bowed, about twenty in number, and said a few words of prayer. After bowing the group members started exiting the place. According to eyewitnesses, although they left of their own accord, the police officers who were there chose to use violence to keep them away from the Temple Mount area. Later five members of the group were arrested at random, and they were taken to the 'Kishela'.

The Chaneinu Association which deals legally with detainees, says: "This is an unparalleled injustice. Specifically on the day of liberation of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, Israeli police chooses to enforce its racist laws against Jews in their most holy place. For many years the nation of Israel was accustomed under the rule of the nations 'not to pass the 6th step', and now this policy is dictated by the heads of the Jewish State."

Earlier this morning, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, was detained by detectives of the minority division of Jerusalem police, in his home in Sawahrah al-Arabia (Jabel Mukhaber), on suspicion of involvement in riots on the Temple Mount yesterday. He was questioned at the district police headquarters until 16:00, and then released. Case investigation continues.

Yesterday (Tuesday), at the end of the visits on the Temple Mount, near the exit of the last group of Jews through the Chain Gate, an Arab began shouting at them and tried to violate the order. He was arrested by police which accompany the groups. After his arrest, Muslim worshipers began throwing chairs at police who arrested the rioters. Police forces dispersed them without the use of means. Two policemen were injured and required medical treatment.
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