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Moshe Aryeh Friedman blames: Community leaders of Antwerp murdered an avrech nine years ago

Shock to the Jewish community of Antwerp • Moshe Aryeh Friedman blames community leaders in the local media of involvement in the murder of an avrech nine years ago • According to him a 'Mafia of crime and money laundering' operates within the community • member of the community, "Friedman deteriorated defamatory blood libel evoking hatred and endangering our security"
Print Yoel Bitelman, B'Chadrei Charedim , כ"ו אדר תשע"ג 08/03/2013 15:48

משה יצחק נאה

Shock to the community in Belgium: Moshe Aryeh Friedman went out with a media smear campaign and blames the community leaders with the murder which occurred nine years ago.

Nine years ago, in November 2004, Moshe Yitzchak Naeh, father of four was murdered. An anonymous person shot him at 2:00 after midnight near his home in Antwerp, when removing groceries from the trunk of his car, which he purchased for his family. The police tried to unravel the murder, but without success.

Friedman wrote to the authorities demanded an investigation over the case. He says he has evidence to justify an investigation.

Yesterday (Wednesday) Friedman was interviewed by the local media and stated that "Moshe was murdered by a criminal network operating in the Jewish community. According to him this is a network of dangerous people, influential people involved in money laundering and drug trafficking in diamonds and other criminal activities.

He said that Naeh was a network member, knew too much, so he was muted.
"The Orthodox mafia used her influence with the Attorney General and the State Attorney's Office to stop the murder investigation," he said, "one of the community leaders also told me that they killed him. When the time is due I will mention the accurate names. But I am trying to ensure first that the investigation actually open," he said.

The complaint was filed to the Board of Investigation headed by Judge Yordans and prosecutor's office spokesman, Ben Zyteman, who confirmed the opening the murder investigation again.

"Friedman wants to take revenge on the Orthodox community that has not accepted his children to its educational institutions, and condemned him and his family," a community source said.
Member of the community, "Friedman deteriorated to blood libels which will arouse hatred and endanger the community, we are confident that the killer is not a member of the community, and Friedman himself knows it.

"Friedman," say the community, "did not live in Antwerp during the murder, but a desecration of G-d will come out of it, because Friedman will bring up different names from the community, the names of people he would like to finish an account with, and police will harass them, the media will celebrate until it will become clear that it is a plot."

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