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Israel attacked Iranian missiles at Damascus airport • view

The New York Times reveals: IAF attacked an Iranian rocket shipment intended for Hezbollah in Lebanon and stored at Damascus airport • See the documentation for the rebel attack
Print Yonah Shub and Eli Shlesinger, B'Chadrei Charedim , כ"ה אייר תשע"ג 05/05/2013 22:47

המורדים טוענים כי תיעדו התקיפה. צילום מסך: יוטיוב צילום מסך

U.S. officials reveal that Israeli Air Force target, which reportedly attacked in Syria, was shipping missiles - advanced Iranian-made land designated for Hezbollah.

This is a sample of Fatah 110 missiles, stored in Damascus International Airport where attacked – it's been revealed by the New York Times on Saturday.

Syrian officials confirmed the attack and said the shipment of weapons stored temporarily at the airport after arriving from Iran and waited for his transfer on to Hezbollah. Iא was attacked on the night between Thursday and Friday.

Paper emphasized that no planes flew over Syrian airport, but the target was attacked by air missiles - fired from Lebanese airspace.

Yesterday announced the official news agency of Syria, "SANA" that the rebels attacked the International Airport with rockets - an apparent attempt to cover up the Israeli attack.

The report noted that one of the rockets hit a fuel tank and the other hit was a commercial aircraft at the airport and caused him damage.

A senior official said on Saturday evening: "Israel's position has been clear all along: We will not allow the transfer of weapons to terrorist organizations. Regardless of what happened or did not happen this weekend - there is no dramatic change in policy. Israel has not changed its position, and this issue is all very clear.

Three months ago, 19th Shevat, the Air Force bombed a convoy bringing an advanced anti-aircraft missiles made in Russia, sample sa-17 while it was parked at the Center for Scientific Research in the Jamaria suburb of Damascus, before crossing the border into Lebanon.

Officially, Israel and the IDF did not address reports, has not confirmed or denied the attack of surface missiles hosted in the land where there is control by Iran and Hezbollah.

But Israeli officials, who spoke to The Associated Press, said Saturday morning that the Air Force attacked designated shipping missiles to Hezbollah on Friday morning. The exact location of the attack was not given, but according to the report, it was directed "against Syria."

One of the sources said the goal was surface missiles - Advanced type "Fatah 110" which ranges between 680 to 700 km.

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