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Yaakov Weingarten and his wife were convicted of giant defrauding in the U.S.

Supreme Court convicted the couple of a million donation to Israeli NGOs without the knowledge • "caused irreparable damage to the charity world"
Print Eli Shlesinger and Yoel Bitelman , כ"ט תמוז תשע"ד 27/07/2014 17:50

יעקב ויינגרטן. צילום: יוטיוב

Brooklyn Supreme Court yesterday convicted Yaakov Weingarten and his wife Rivka for a giant defrauding which couple canvassed hundred million dollars for Orthodox Israeli charities unknowingly, some fictitious.

State Attorney General Mr. Eric Schneiderman said that the couple caused irreparable damage to the world of charity and thus deceived the donors who thought they donate their money for the purposes of health and saving lives.

Rabbi Weingarten who is a former Israeli, operated from his Flatbush office, and conducted telemarketing fundraising organization. It is suspected that some of the organizations to which he is soliciting donations, are fictitious and some of the NGOs are not associated with it.

"Government will use all available tools to protect people who gave money to charity," wrote prosecutor. He said the couple used the money for personal use, purchase of vehicle, renovation, and dental treatments and a mortgage payment for their daughter.

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday (Wednesday) that Weingarten will be required to pay the sum of $ 520,000, with $ 360 thousand in Israel will be distributed to organizations that deal with medicine and saving lives, and the remaining money Weingarten will pay state tax refunds and attorney's fees.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman of New York decided that 360,000 dollars sent to Israel through the Jewish Agency, and will be evenly distributed at Schneider Children Hospital of Israel, the leading children's hospital in Israel. And organization United Hatzalah, Israel's leading volunteer organization that provides volunteer medical services.

The judge even prohibited Weingarten and colleagues - Shimon Weiss, and David Yifat dealing soliciting donations of funds in New York. In June 2013 a lawsuit was filed against the three which argued that Weingarten Street office Coney Island in Brooklyn, along with two partners activated and together collect money for no less than 19 associations in the country, engaged in saving lives, cancer patients and victims of terrorism.

Prosecutors said a total of $ 2 million was the account is paid for telemarketers employed by Weingarten. Plea bargain was reached yesterday (Wednesday) admitted Weingarten in 2007 and by 2012 was collecting for forged associations and used the money to purchase two homes and personal expenses. Weingarten admitted even that did not report the funds to the tax authorities.

19 NGOs graded searching Weingarten funds had never been transferred are: United Hatzalah of Israel, Shearim Foundation, Bnei Torah Association, Chesed LeYisrael and Chasdei Yosef. Association Yad LaShabbat, Bikur Cholim, Kupat Rabbi Meir Bnei Torah of Israel, near Israel, ZAKA, Magen Israel and more.

About a year ago, when an investigation is Prosecutor's Office demanded Weingarten's full details of expenditure and income and private associations since 2007. Rabbi Weingarten filed for a Manhattan court to halt the investigation, but stated his request was denied.

'Israeli attack on a tourist bus at the airport in Burgas - Bulgaria, killed six people, "said Yehuda Meshi Zahav Chairman Zaka to Behadrey Haredim," followed by distributed throughout the U.S. Posts with pictures ZAKA volunteers treating casualties as address for sending donations, was with Weingarten. "We discovered it a few days after the volunteers return to Israel. Director Zaka U.S. filed a complaint to legal authorities. "

Meshi Zahav added: "Weingarten was coming to associations and organizations, promising them monthly financing activities, poses with volunteers, brings a number of portfolios and rescue t-shirts, and then disconnect the connection with them."

One of the directors of charity organizations in Galilee knew him years ago, said in a conversation with Behadrey Haredim that received promises of, but did not see a penny of it.

"He came to my office organization, posed with the volunteers and equipment, also arranged an appointment with several rabbis, and of course there brought along a photographer who documented the meetings, and never shifts from, just offered me to grow the business, and then pay me money. Course I do not I made the mistake again, and hung up all contact with him. "

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