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Amazing Event for Frum Writers in Yerushalayim

Two hundred and fifty frum female writers attended yesterday's annual JWWS. This year's Jerusalem Women's Writers Seminar attracted an eclectic mix of talented English speaking women from all over Israel, and even from as far away as New York!
Print Bracha Cohen , י"ז אייר תשע"ו 25/05/2016 15:22

Hundreds of English speaking writers attend the annual Jerusalem Women's Writers Seminar,or JWWS .

Attendees spent a stimulating day listening to lectures by well-known authors, attending their choice of 14 different workshops, and were given the opportunity to meet with a wide range of publishers and publications.

In attendance at the event were representatives of the following publications:
Binah, Hamodiah, Mishpacha and Family First Magazine, Ami Magazine, The Jewish Press, and בחדריWorld.

Representatives of 8 publishers were also in attendance including; Menucha Publishers, Israel Bookshop Publications, Renana Publishers, Feldheim Publishers, Artscroll Mesorah, Adir Press, Judaica Press, and Brand Name Publishing.

It was an exciting day and a real meeting of the minds where the authors that the charedi world knows and loves were able to meet for a day of professional enrichment, inspiration, and networking.

In an interview with Bechadrey World, Ahava Ehrenpreis, a Flatbush based contributor to Mishpacha Magazine who was present at the event said this," I'm impressed. It was much more professional then I expected. There was so much positive energy, and even the aesthetics were on par with what I'm used to back home in New York.

"Being that this was a charedi event in Yerushalayim I had expected it to attract a very narrow crowd of women- but I was surprised to see that the seminar was attended by a wide group of English speaking women interested in writing from across the religious spectrum.

"It was both very intellectually stimulating as well as practical, professional and down to earth. There was a lot of material presented."

The event was orchestrated by Tamar Ansh and reflected the many months of planning and preparation that went into it.

Recordings of this year's lectures are available to the public at Torah Anytime.

Torah Anytime updated link

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