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Storm Over Reform Sign At The Kotel- R’ Rabinovits “It Defies The Kotel Agreement”

Last week “Bechadrei Chareidim” exposed a Reform Sign at the kotel, causing a storm which still hasn’t subsided. Rav of the kotel, R’ Rabinovits sent a letter stating that putting up the sign at the Kotel defies the ‘Kotel agreement’
Print Yackov Grodkah , י"ד טבת תשע"ז 12/01/2017 01:31

רפורמי השלט בכותל

The storm over the reform sign at the kotel is still raging. “Bechadrei Chareidim” recently exposed that the local municipality in Yerushalayim put up a sign indicating the direction and entrance to where the reformers hold their events.
A letter that R’ Rabinovits, Rov of the Kotel, sent; reveals that the municipality which put up the sign acted against the ‘Kotel agreement’ which was backed by PM Benyamin Netanyahu.

R’ Rabinovits sent the letter to Eldad Rabinovits, a lawyer working on behalf of the ‘B’etsedek’ organization, stating that “the sign of the ‘Ezrat Yisroel’ plaza was not put up with my permission, and nobody consulted me on the matter. Even more, the ‘kotel agreement’ that was reached by the committee working on behalf of PM Netanyahu, clearly stated that such signs are not to be hung at the Kotel”.

As previously reported, the storm started after it was reported last week, that at the entrance to the southern part of the kotel a sign was put up stating “Ezrat Yisroel”.

After Eldad Rabinovits filed a complaint with Yerushalayim municipality, the sign was removed. Unfortunately, the sign was rehung a day later with the justification that the sign is in the process of attaining legal status.
The sign was removed this morning, for the second time.
The lawyer Eldad Rabinovits, who is petitioning the illegality of the sign
told “Bechadrei Chareidim” today “I am happy to see that the municipality recognized that the sign was not lawful. As well, the Rav of the kotel, R’ Rabinovits, who has legal authority, declared that the sign is not legal. Therefore, there is no justification for putting it back up.

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