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Rav Drukman In Amona: “Do Not Lift A Hand On The Police”

R’ Chaim Drukman, a prominent Dati leumi Rav, arrived in Amona this morning to give chizzuk to residents who are being evicted, The Rav ordered the youth: “Do not lift a hand on the Police”
Print Eli Shleyzinger , ה' שבט תשע"ז 01/02/2017 19:25

הרב דרוקמן בעמונה, היום (צילום: יב"ע) יב"ע

R’ Chaim Drukman and heads of Bnei Akiva movement, arrived in Amona this morning to support the residents who are forcefully being evicted from their homes.
The visit was coordinated with security forces.
R’ Drukman called on the youth who came to protest the eviction, not to struggle and fight with the police officers. “Violence is unacceptable, under no circumstance, any violence- whether physical or verbal. The youth with all its good intentions, its actions are not good, I am outraged.” (Referring to those that resort to violence)
Later he said, “Amona should not be evicted, Erets Yisrael is our, and will be ours. The policemen and soldiers are not to blame and I call upon everyone not to lift a hand on them”.
Some Knesset members have also arrived in Amona to show support and be with the residents. MK Oren Chazan (Likud) has been there since the morning as in currently sitting down together with other supporters in one of the homes that is being evicted, singing, and peacefully resisting the evacuation.
MK Betsalel Smotrich (Bayit Hayehudi) is also in there, and Minister Uri Ariel also arrived this morning to support the unfortunate residents.

Translated and Co-authored by Eli B.

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