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Moment Of Horror: Canister Containing Ammonia Falls From Truck And Leaks

A canister of ammonia fell from a truck on Highway 70 in Northern Israel causing a hazard for drivers and nearby towns, residents were told to remain indoors until emergency personnel managed to contain the leak
Print Eli Shleyzinger , כ"ג שבט תשע"ז 19/02/2017 01:59


A canister containing ammonia fell from a truck late Friday morning in northern Israel on Rt. 70 next to the city of Yok’neom. The impact caused the canister to leak, creating a hazard for drivers and residents of the nearby towns. Firefighters rushed to the scene and managed to contain the leak and subsequently removed the damaged canister from the area. Traffic was stopped along Rt. 70 for a prolonged period of time, and resident of nearby towns were told to remain in their homes and keep their windows closed.
The transport truck involved in the incident, was carrying canisters containing 1,000 liters of ammonia from the Haifa ammonia plant, which was recently handed down a court order to remove its stores of ammonia from the Haifa area.
The ‘Emergency Unit for Hazardous Chemicals’ from the Haifa plant arrived on the scene and assisted firefighters in containing the leakage. Emergency personnel sprayed large amounts of water to dilute the dangerous chemical spill on the road.
There were no reports of a possible negative impact on the surrounding area; since it was a relatively minor leak and it occurred outdoors in an open area.
Commander on the scene, Avraham Tamari, announced after two hours that the incident was over, and the canister was loaded onto a different truck and sent back to the plant where it came from, escorted by emergency personnel.
The ‘Environmental Department’ announced that an investigation has been launched into the incident.

Translated by Eli B.

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