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Fear and hope in Afghanistan

Among the candidates, Professor Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai is the only one who can restore Afghans’ backwardness in the international arena.
Print Photography: Ezra Haleluya , ט"ז אדר ב תשע"ד 18/03/2014 11:13

Ashraf ghani Ashraf ghani

While remaining less than a month until Afghanistan's presidential election, the situation in the country is between the hope and fear.
Since 98 percent of Afghans are Muslim, this country is one of the most talented countries for growth of fundamentalism and terrorism.
There has been so-called jihad terrorist thoughts since 35 years ago, so the country has become a haven for terrorism and the most terrorist figures, including Osama bin Laden, Mullah Omar, Ahmad Shah Massoud and etc. could take shameful actions in the shadow of lawlessness and power of the mullahs, that humanity cannot express them.
Meanwhile, the brutal attack on innocent people in the New York’s twin towers by terrorists in September 2001 caused the consciousness awakened in the United States and the international community, and US government with its allies rushed responsibly to help the Afghan people.
Since then, the process of democracy and restoration the human rights began in this country along with a resolute fight against terrorism. Although some terrorist warlords tried to fail this process but International community has applied a lot of efforts to eradicate terrorism.
Holding free and independent elections, like other civilized people of the world as well as leaving the false and foolish tribal structures in Afghanistan, were the issues that United States paid a heavy price for them, and now Afghan people have one month until their fateful election.
Unfortunately, despite the efforts of the international community, there are still wrong systems and myths that caused the perfect candidate such as Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad hasn’t entered in this competition. The most candidates don’t enjoy acceptable experiences in the management conduct in a global scale.
Among the candidates, Professor Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai is the only one who can restore Afghans’ backwardness in the international arena. He has brilliant experience in politics, economics, culture, science, management and, no doubt, he is unique in the history of Afghanistan.
Mr. Ashraf Ghani, with his progressive view, chose his wife from a Maronite Christian family in Lebanon, that her mother was Jewish.
During his studding in Lebanon, once he traveled Jerusalem with his wife and attended in a special ceremony along the Western Wall (Wailing Wall).
Far from common sever prejudices in Afghanistan, Professor Ahmadzai never has prevented his wife attending in the weekly church ceremony. He has a very enlightened family that all of them are known in the academic, social and cultural activities.
Now, Afghans have two choices; passing of the harsh conditions of terror and brutality leading by Professor Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai or returning to the dark past of the mullahs regime with selecting other candidates . It seems that the most Afghans will vote for progress and civilization in this presidential elections.


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