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Against Arab vandalism: stone Mezuzah in Mearas Hamachpela

Two months after Muslim rioters vandalized the Mezuzah at the main entrance to the Cave of Mearas Hamachpela, a new Mezuzah was placed instaed
Print Atara Sternbuch , י"ח אב תשע"ו 22/08/2016 15:48

Two months ago, during the month of Ramadan, Arab rioters removed the mezuzah from the front door of Mearas Hamachpela.

Boruch Hashem, We were Zoche to put a new mezuzah today
This Mezuza is large and beautiful. It is made of stone and made resistant to Muslim vandalism , the work of the artist Asaf Kidron.

The mezuzah was donated by Mrs. Ester Yaffa Halevy from Ashdod, Rabbi Eliezer Waldman was honored With the Kvias Mezuzah

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