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Watch: Avreichim Nearly Drowned- Rescued With Belts

Ten Avreichim all part of an extended family nearly drowned in the Jordan river this morning. Police officers told them to remove their belts and create a chain- B”H there were no injuries
Print By Eli Shleyzinger , י"ט אב תשע"ז 11/08/2017 15:48

חילוץ חרדים מנהר הירדן (3) משטרת ישראל

Avreichim rescued: Ten avreichim, all part of an extended family nearly drowned this morning(Thursday) in the Jordan river. Police officers who arrived to rescue the trapped Avreichim told them to remove their belts and create a chain- through which the officers rescued them and prevented a tragedy.
B”H there were no injuries reported.
The group was enjoying a hike on a nature trail when they entered the Jordan river near the ‘Dorot’ bridge, for a short swim. Without any prior warning, the river suddenly turned wild and caught the hikers off guard. Strong currents and violent rapids prevented the hikers from exiting the river, leaving them stranded and holding on for dear life.
Reuven Cohen, 38, who was in the water together with his 4 children shared his fearful experience: “The flow of water was sudden and mad. There was terrible fear, we were helpless and tried to hold onto rocks and branches. All that was left for us to do, is what every Jew does when he finds himself in a tsarah”.
One of the trapped avreichim managed to make his way out of the water and call for help.
The Jordan region police station immediately dispatched officers Vesman Talash, and Rami Gonem, to the scene.
Without any hesitation, the officers entered the rushing waters in full uniform and gear, to rescue the trapped avreichim. The officers creatively ordered the avreichim to remove their belts and create a chain; through which they could be extracted from the water.
B”H all the trapped hikers were safely rescued and no injuries were reported.
This incident come just one day after a family of 10 was rescued from ‘Nachal Amud’ near Tzfat after losing their way and being stranded for 6 hours. B”H in that incident as well, the entire family was found safe and sound.

Translated by Eli B.

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