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Williamsburg: A couple on their way to the birth of their son - were killed in an accident

Nathan and Raisi Glauber z"l, aged 21, who were on their way to a Manhattan hospital to give birth to their first child were hit by a truck • the woman was killed instantly • The husband was taken to hospital where he died of his wounds
Nachman Gur, B'Chadrei Charedimכ"ב אדר תשע"ג 04/03/2013 12:03

בני הזוג, נתן ורייזי גלויבער ז"ל

Fatal accident in Williamsburg, Brooklyn: Nathan (Nussie) and Raisi Glauber z"l a Satmar couple, both aged 21, were on their way to the hospital, Bellevue in Manhattan, to have their first child - were killed in the accident.

The accident occurred at about 12:30 after midnight (New York time), when the couple, who married last year, were driven in a cab on Kent Avenue. corner of Wilson and the taxi driver, who didn’t stop at the stop sign, was hit by a BMW car driven by a woman under the influence of alcohol at 100 mph. As a result the cab flew and crashed into a truck parked on the street.

Raizy z"l, who was seven months pregnant and went to the hospital after she felt strong contractions, was thrown out of the cab and fell under the truck, and was killed instantly. Her husband, Nathan z"l was evacuated by rescue forces in critical condition to a hospital, where he died later of his wounds.

The premature infant, was delivered by cesarean section under the truck, is now hospitalized in intensive care incubator at the Beth Israel in Manhattan, and doctors are struggling to save his life.

The taxi driver, who survived thanks to an air bag which opened, was admitted ito hospital in mild condition.

The driver of the car which hit the cab fled the scene on foot, and searches after her continue. She will be convicted of manslaughter as driving under the influence of alcohol. The owner of the vehicle was found later by the police.

Nussie's father z"l is Yom Tov Glauber from Monsey, one of the brothers who owns the clothing line for Hassidic garb - G & G. Raizy z"l is the daughter of Silverstein.

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