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Unspeakable tragedy: Instead of accompanying a Sefer Torah - accompanied another child to burial

Family tragedy in Modi'in Illit: A family who three of their children suffered from genetic defects, buried one of them exactly a year ago • at the mark of one year since his death the parents planned to place a Sefer Torah today for the uplifting of his soul • Another brother died this morning, and the broken family accompanied him to rest • "treated children with devotion"
Eli Shlesinger, B'Chadrei Charedim, כ"ב אדר תשע"ג 04/03/2013 16:45

קבר רחל בשנה שעברה. צילום: מנחם הלוי מנחם הלוי

Shocking tragedy in Modi'in Illit: grief struck again in the Hassidic family, the very day they were supposed to place a Sefer Torah in memory of their late son Yechiel Yehoshua - who died from an illness a year ago at the age of 11.5, the family had to cancel the event to accompany another child who died this morning (Sunday).

This is a family belonging to the community of Biale chassidus in the city. Probably due to genetic defects, they had three sons with diseases; defects which do not allow them to develop properly, however, with Hashem's help – The girls were not affected in the family. One of the boys has a disability, and has to be hospitalized from time to time in order to receive medical treatment. His brother died just a year ago, and another brother – Yaakov Chananya -9.5 years old - was hospitalized for a long time - and he died this morning.
Family members and acquaintances are still digesting the magnitude of the disaster. According to them, the parents – G-d-fearing, forged and strong, and despite the suffering and the great difficulty that involves treating three sick children daily, they were brave, and treated them with great devotion, along with the growth of the healthy members of the family.

The Sefer Torah written by the members of the family, was supposed to go out tonight from the Talmud Torah-Klal Chasidi, on Yechezkel Boulevard Street in Modi'in Illit, towards the Beit Midrash of Biale on Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai street together with the Rebbe. But last night, there was a worsening of the condition of the sick child and early this morning, although there was a slight change for the better, but in the morning the father called the hall where the seuda should have been celebrated, and told them not to prepare the meal.
Minutes later the reason was heard, on hearing the news of the other brother's passing. So, instead of accompanying the Sefer Torah with all glory, the family accompanied another child to be buried.

The painful funeral will leave at 15:30 pm from Shamgar Funeral Home in Jerusalem.


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