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Hgray"l: "The secret of education – only by those who have fear of Heaven"

Speaking before educators Hgray"l Steinman talked about the secret of Jewish education and how one can have an impact • what did he renew to students of Yekirei Yerushalayim?
Shlomo Greenberg, B'Chadrei Charedim, ט"ו אייר תשע"ג 25/04/2013 17:56

בכנס החינוך. צילום: משה גולדשטיין משה גולדשטיין

This week held a convention on education for educators wat held at the Armonot Chen Halls, with Hgray"l Steinman and the Rebbe of Sanz. Also, Hgr"a Weissblum mashgiach at Yeshivat nachlas Neviim and Hgrd"ch Alter attended.

At first the Rebbe of Sanz spoke. In midst of things the Rosh Yeshiva entered the hall. The Rebbe paused and said with amazement: "With the permission of Maran Rosh Yeshiva, I am ashamed to talk in such a place, and full of shame. I really wonder how the Rosh Yeshiva bothers to strengthen the Torah anytime and anywhere, may Hashem give him the strength to continue!"

During the speech of Hgray"l, he made interesting statements:
"The secret of education is only for those who fear the word of G-d. They know how to properly educate their children in the way they received. But other people do not educate. Whether they are angry, they educate to anger? If they have pride, they will educate to pride? For what will they educate? They will educate him to be Fusta mensch? (Vacuous and empty person) that’s what he will grow into? "

Further, Hgray"l brought the mashal of the Dubno Maggid, about 'how one can affect students' and he said, "all of Israel throughout the generations from Avraham until now, all these generations know this secret, which should only be filled with Torah with Derech Eretz and that only then can influence. "

In addition the mayor of Bnei Brak Rabbi Avraham Rubinstein addressed the event.

"Lashes - even when the flogged is dormant"

This week Hgray"l tested for half an hour children of the Talmud Torah Yekirei yerushalayim on the first chapter of Maseches Makkos.

The test revolves among others about the law, when plotted and when he did, which was also said that this law exists only when the witness sought to require the defendant flogging, but not when it comes with money, because money can be returned to those who unlawfully taken from him, but the whippings - there is no turning back.

Here Hgray"l surprised with an interesting question and answer:
"What is the din if he was anesthetized and hit?"

"Lashes are designed to deter. But if he did have anesthesia, he doesn’t feel them and there is no deterrent," one of the boys tried to answer.

But Hgray"l rejected it and said: "We found no din, that the defendant should actually feel the beating of his flesh. Even if we do not feel them in practice, there is no reason not to give lashes to the defendant when he asleep, or for any reason, and we fulfilled the obligation."

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