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Haredi soldiers sanctify Hashem's name in this generation • Personal Column

Each of those Orthodox soldiers, merits sanctifying God's name in his manner • Even if there is a debate, they must not be excluded • those who protest against the exclusion and harm them, is partner in evil accomplice
Yehuda Glickman, י"ג סיון תשע"ג 22/05/2013 17:33

מקבלים את פני רה"מ. צילום: פלאש 90

My dear friends, dressed in full regalia, rabbis, heads of yeshivas and yeshiva students - our hearts are with you.

You care about the fate of your future spirituality, you are anxious of the consequences of the struggle of the Torah world being chased to destroy, but in battle, you abandon them of yourself and your flesh, they like you are orthodox to the sanctity of Israel, sacrifice themselves with all the power to sanctify God's name in their manners, while setting aside time for Torah and work.

They too, wearing military uniform, are burning in the fire of faith like you, educate their homes and their children to the love of Torah with all their strength, just like Yosef Hazaddik sitting in prison, and from there built his wisdom and sensitivity to the poor and the weak, they too are fathers of Haredi families, even in civilian clothes and military uniform. They increase and strengthen the spiritual house, so their children will not have to be poor and persecuted worldwide and will work on the Torah and work continuously throughout the day.

Each of those Orthodox soldiers' merits sanctifying God's name in his manners and modesty without games bring our brothers who do not observe the Torah closer to see the results of the Torah education.

Since in each group and each camp there is a more segregated group, it is agreed that there is a debate whether you should and may join the army as a means of livelihood, but it is also agreed that the Torah ways are ways of pleasantness.

The way of the Torah to be conducted with mutual respect, smiling to ones fellow friend is like handing him a cup of milk and love your neighbor is a mitzvah from the Torah even when difficult.

There is no justification, and vice versa it is evil, anyone who verbally injures, boycotts, disrespects and physically attacks people of the other party, but also those who do not protest at those who attack and act violently, is a partner in the boycotting and excommunication and removes all favor from our people.

In all the Torah decrees against the faithful in Israel, Haredim to Hashem, God-fearing tested with unity power to close ranks even in times of disagreement. Thus we will build profaning the sanctity and not profaning it.

We love you, our fellow grinders of the Torah constantly, please like us too. Do not give a hand to strengthening our persecutors. Because we are your brothers.

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