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Police raided the printer of the Chardakim campaign ads

Police confiscated ads against haredi soldiers in the Achva printing press in Jerusalem • ads confiscated: 'Chardakim Competition'- cartoons and illustrations of children against soldiers • raid Documentation I Video
Yoel Koritz, B'Chadrei Charedim, כ"ד סיון תשע"ג 02/06/2013 13:26

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Police uncovered those behind the Chardakim campaign?

This afternoon (Thursday), police arrived to the printing press-Achva in the Makor Baruch neighborhood of Jerusalem and confiscated ads and printed material against haredi soldiers, within the Chardakim campaign waged against the Orthodox serving in the IDF.

Exclusive documentation - first revealed in B'Chadrei Charedim - Jerusalem police are confiscating ads which were supposed to be hanged in the coming days in Haredi concentrations, and declared the 'Chardakim competition'. Part of the competition, the public was asked to send anonymous e-mail address caricatures and illustrations against Haredi soldiers.

Competition, according to the ads, is divided into two parts: professional competition and children competition.

Professional competition will include only professional cartoons and cartoons which will bear clear messages to the public. "The elite will be published and distributed once a month."

Children will participate in a competition of children of all ages "in each illustration there must be an image of a Chardak and children around, plus attitudes of children towards the Chardak." Premium images distributed all over the country, and other images will be distributed by e-mail will be distributed to hundreds of thousands of registered special.

Given the competition is terminating the collaboration by illustrator orthodox, Avishai Chen – also a cartoonist in the Mishpacha newspaper - with those responsible for the campaign, led to unrest and hatred toward Orthodox soldiers.

Yedioth Jerusalem tomorrow will reveal that the newspaper 'Mispacha' is outraged by Chen, collaborating with the campaign managers, and ordered him to cease cooperation with them. Chen argued in response that they used his old cartoons, but apparently did stop cooperating with them.

Police continue to investigate the matter, to understand who is behind the ad campaign. Policemen who came to the press questioned the owner for several minutes.

It is not yet clear whether he was detained.

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