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Huge fire in Dan's bus parking lot in Bnei Brak

A huge fire in Dan's bus garage, near the Ayalon Mall, dozens of buses were burnt • suspicion of arson
Eli Schlesinger, ה' חשון תשע"ו 18/10/2015 01:23

צילום: אורל כהן, פלאש90 Photo: Orel Cohen, Flash 90

A huge fire broke out at the Dan bus terminal today (Shabbat) in Bnei Brak, causing damage of tens of millions of shekels, and burning dozens of buses. There is suspicion of arson.

For tens of hours the Dan bus terminal near the Ayalon shopping center burned, during the fire some 30 buses burned down. The damage is estimated at tens of millions of shekels. Suspicion of arson is being checked.

The thick smoke which rose to a height scattered throughout the city of Bnei Brak.

26 fire teams from Bnei Brak and Ramat Gan, and a fire engine from Ben Gurion Airport operated to extinguish the fire, with 46 fire fighters taking part in the event.

Dan District Police Commander, Major General Moshe Shimon Lavie set up an investigation team together with investigations of fire extinguishers, to check the reason for the fire which broke out.

High levels of air pollution were recorded in the area. Environmental Protection Minister Avi Gabbai ('Kulanu') said: "Drives of the office are working in the area to treat the fire leachates - including fuels and lubricants that could contaminate the Yarkon River. In addition, air pollution values are being examined in the place, so as to issue instructions to residents of Gush Dan."

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