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Belz is shaken: cancellation of shiur saved dozens of victims from murder • Watch

The story of Rabbi Menashe Reisman makes waves • He claims the terrorist who ran over on Malchei Yisrael was observed during the days before the attack, following participants of a shiur in Minchat Yitzchak, and planned to execute the attack there • How were participants saved? Watch the full story
Eli Schlesinger and Moshe Weisberg, ז' חשון תשע"ו 20/10/2015 09:20

פיגוע מלכי ישראל

Belz Hasidim claim: a great miracle prevented the terrorist who ran over and stabbed to death Hakadosh Yishaiahu Krishevsky HYD, from perpetrating a large-scale attack G-d forbid.

The full story is presented here in Behadrey Haredim for the first time, and was exposed in the shiur of the Maggid Rabbi Menashe Yisrael Reisman, who delivers a daily lesson in the Beis Midrash 'Beit Yehoshua' on Minchat Yitzchak Street Jerusalem. Rabbi Reisman told the participants about the Divine Providence. He said that, according to residents' testimony and in accordance with the findings of the security camera videos, the terrorist was planning an attack at the end of the lesson, at 10:10 am, when about 200 participants come out at once to a bus stop next to the Belzer Beis Midrash.

According to him, relying on the testimony of passersby, the terrorist was already standing near the station with his car on Sunday and Monday after the shiur. On Tuesday morning, he arrived again, parked on the side, and went up and down the stairs, nervous and stressed, as one can see on the security cameras. According to Rabbi Reisman, one can see the terrorist's car with the license plate number.

And what really happened and how were the participants of the lesson saved?
It turns out that, unusually, Rabbi Reisman replied positively to an invitation to give a shiur in Antwerp, and on Tuesday the regular shiur did not take place. He said the terrorist was waiting at the end of the lesson for the public, and when he did not see them he headed toward Geulah - until he found a station where several people were standing, and executed his plan. "Hashem saved dozens of victims".

In the words of Rabbi Reisman: "In the middle of summer, a Jew from Antwerp invited me to come to Antwerp, to strengthen the public in Elul. Since I get many invitations of this kind and dodge them, I tried this time as well. However, the inviter did not give up and kept trying to convince me to go, until at some point I said 'OK', I promised to come give a drosha on Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan. Later that night I tried to withdraw my promise in a conversation with the Jew from Antwerp, but I was told that the visit has been published in the synagogues and it is not possible to cancel." Rabbi Reisman told at the shiur that he has not stopped thinking about why this time he agreed, changed his mind a hundred times, and said to himself that he has zikui harabim here in Israel, and the flight will not bring him honor or money. With these feelings he went about until Tuesday last week.
"I asked R' Shmuel the day before I flew if I should bring a substitute (to deliver the lesson), he went and asked and answered there's no need for a substitute and the shiur will not take place. What did Hashem do? On the same day that the Arab plotted to kill, there was no shiur, no one came out of here at 10:10 am, so he was very nervous. He went to his car and looked for a station where many people are standing and did not find one, he went up the street to Malchei Yisrael, where he continued to the station and drove into it at full force, and took the life of Rabbi Yishaiahu Krishevsky HYD. The other person who stood at the station, Rabbi Pesach Krishevsky, the terrorist beat up with an ax, it's a wonder that a Jew who was beaten up like that is still alive, he has been eating and drinking already, and soon will be released from the hospital - simply miracles.
"The story is we had Divine providence, the Ribono Shel Olam sent me a Jew, I do not know how and why, and made sure that there will be no shiur on that day, and we will all be saved, dozens of victims. Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky HYD who was murdered, that's also hashgocha pratis. "Mi bacherev of 'Unesane Tokef', that is also a decree..."
Rabbi Reisman concludes the thrilling story.

As recalled, last Tuesday around 10:00 am, terrorist Ala Abu-Jamal ran over with a company car of Bezeq at a bus stop on Malchei Israel Street in Geula neighborhood injuring two. He then got out of the car with an ax, and continued to stab anyone on his way. As a result Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky HYD was killed, and two others were seriously injured, Rabbi Pesach Krichevsky and Rabbi Yom Tov Lipa Neuhaus. The terrorist was shot and killed on the scene.

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