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Venezuela: "We have a fund for captives"

Father and son were kidnapped on Saturday in the capital of Venezuela and released for ransom: "We have a fund for captured because of the many kidnappings"
Yoel Bittelman, י' טבת תשע"ו 22/12/2015 08:35

בית הכנסת בקראקאס. צילום: פוקסי84 The synagogue in Caracas. Photo: Foxy 84

Kidnapping in Venezuela: "We have here a prisoner redemption fund since abductions are so common here," says Chabad envoy in Caracas the capital of Venezuela, tells Behadrey Haredim on the background of a kidnapping case in the community.
A father and son who were on their way to the synagogue on Shabbos morning, were kidnapped in Caracas, by an armed man.
The incident took place near Beit Chabad when the father and son were on their way to shachris.
The kidnapping incident became known only during late Shabbos afternoon, when the two did not return home.
At the same time the kidnapper called the father and brother of the abducted and presented the terms of ransom. Payment was transferred to the kidnapper and the kidnapped were released.
The son-in-law of Rabbi Moshe Ferman, Chabad envoy in Caracas, told Behadrey Haredim, "The kidnapped man's family members approached the rabbi of the community and announced the kidnapping. We have in our community people who specialize in rescuing captives, and they know how to negotiate with kidnappers, one should understand that such cases happen frequently here, and here in the community there is a special fund designed to redeem captives.
"Immediately we recruited the staff that handles these matters, and thank G-d we released the father and son, this is a haredi man who comes here to pray regularly."
"We need to be very careful here," he said. Another 15-year-old son and his 8-year-old sister remained at home and were spared the ordeal.
Cases of kidnappings for ransom have become most frequent in Venezuela, Israelis who come to the country are familiar with the situation and are cautious.
A year ago a young Haredi man who owns a plastics factory was kidnapped from the entrance to the factory. No less than eight armed men took part in the abduction, the abducted 28-year-old haredi man was held by his captors for six days. The Jewish community used its best forces to secure his release, while shulls around the world prayed, the kidnapped was released unharmed only six days later.
In most cases, the kidnappers drive their victims to an ATM and force them to pay the ransom as a condition for their release.

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