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Attacks: 40% of terrorists - from Hebron

ISA has published an interim summary of the current wave of terrorism, including segmentation of ages and cities of residence of terrorists
Eli Schlesinger, ז' אדר תשע"ו 16/02/2016 18:32

המחבל בגבעת זאב. צילום: מדברים תקשורת מדברים תקשורת

An analysis of data from the General Security Service revealed that 80 percent of terrorists are residents of the West Bank, and only four percent are civilians. About half of the terrorists are aged less than 20.
Today (Monday) the ISA publishes a segmentation of data on 228 attacks and attempted attacks that occurred in the current wave of terrorism that began on Sukkot. According to the General Security Service, 37% of the terrorists are between the ages of 16-20. Another 10% of the perpetrators of the attacks are minors, so that the terrorists younger than 20 years is almost half. About a third of the perpetrators of the attacks are aged 21-25, and 10% more are aged 30 and over. The data also revealed that 24 women participated in the attempted attacks - approximately 11% of all perpetrators of attacks.
According to the data, most of the attacks and attempted attacks - 74% of which occurred in the West Bank, compared with 10%, 22, that occurred within the Green Line. Another 16% were in Jerusalem.

The shooting attack last night at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem

The data include all attacks carried out from October 1, the day of the murder of the couple Henkin near the settlement of Itamar, until last Wednesday, after which there were five attacks and attempted attacks.
GSS also notes where the attackers originate from: most of them, about 80% are Palestinians in the West Bank. Among them, the area of Hebron stands out as the main area from which terrorists emerge. According to the GSS, 40% of the perpetrators of the attacks in the West were from Hebron and Yatir area. Another area which is relatively prominent is Ramallah, 25% lived in the city and in the Binyamin region.
According to the figures, 21 terrorists were staying illegally in Israel at the time of the attack or attempt to attack. Two carried out an attack in Israel in possession of a residence permit in the country (one with a permit to stay committed the attack in Tel Aviv Panorama, and another attack was carried out by a holder of a work permit in Modi'in). Another work permit holder carried out a stabbing in the industrial zone in Ariel, where he was employed. ISA indicates one more terrorist, a Sudanese refugee, who lived in Ashkelon.

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