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Israeli Police on High Alert on Purim

Also here in Israel police raise alert for Purim : Increased police presence, including plain clothes police expected in chareidi neighborhoods.
Eli Schlesinger , י"ג אדר ב תשע"ו 23/03/2016 10:04

יונתן זינדל/פלאש90 יונתן זינדל/פלאש90

The Israeli police force has completed their perpetrations for heightened security over Purim. They will greatly increase their presence along the border and inside the cities in order to ensure the safety of the celebrants.
Police will spread out inside crowded places and places where celebrants are expected to gather. They will also be erecting checkpoints to prevent Palestinians from entering Israel on Purim. Traffic police will also increase in order to direct traffic, prevent drunken driving, and road violence.
Both revealed as undercover police will be working in chareidi neighborhoods to prevent unwanted activities. Business will also be targeted to ensure that alcoholic beverages are not being sold without the proper licensing.
During the last month there have been great efforts made to prevent the sale of forbidden explosives, via raiding warehouses and seizing stocks. These then have been transferred for supervised destruction by the appropriate forces and legal files have been opened against those who were involved.

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