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Civil Guard Given Greater Authority

The Knesset ratified Gilad Erdan’s initiative to give volunteers of the civil guard the authority to detain crime suspects.
Eli Schlesinger , כ' אדר ב תשע"ו 30/03/2016 20:34

גלעד ארדן. צילום: מנדי הכטמן מנדי הכטמן

The Ministry of the Interior backed Gilad Erdan’s initiative today (Wednesday) to increase the authority of the civil guard volunteers and allow them to detain suspects whom they witnessed committing a crime, in the case that said suspect refuses to wait for the police, and there is reason to believe that he will escape
Additionally volunteers of the civil guard will be allowed to enter and search homes and other places in the case of real and actual threat to an individual or to public security
Minister Erdan explains that, “These changes have been made in coordination with the needs of the civil guard who serve as an important adjunct to the police department, therefore it is important to support them in order to allow them to continue doing their vital work.”

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