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It's All a Lie

The Yeshiva Bachur whose arrest sparked hafganos all accross Eretz Yisrael denounces the stories being told about him.
Itzik Man, ב' אייר תשע"ו 10/05/2016 20:41

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In an interview with Bechadrey Charedim from jail, Moshe said, " everything they said about me is a lie."

Moshe was arrested during Bein Hazmanim when a taxi driver called the police because of an argument over 5 shekel. When the police entered Moshe's identity number into the computer he learned that he hadn't been responding to the calls to present himself at the draft office. He is currently serving a 13 day jail sentencs.

Harav Shmuel Auerbach instructed his followers to protest Moshe's arrest. Since his arrest thousands have heeded Harav Auerbach's words and have taken to the streets primarily in Yerushalyaim, Bnei Brak and Modiin Illit.

The news has been full of the taxi driver's claims this past week- and now Moshe shares his version of the events.

"I was with my family in Eilat to participate in water sports. I went for a walk along the boardwalk and then I wanted to return to our lodgings. I ordered a taxi and at the end of the ride a silly argument erupted over 5 shekel. The driver got angry and quickly drove to the police station. They arrested me claiming that I went AWOL from the army. Then the military police came and arrested me.

"I didn't Chas V'shalom visit any inappropriate site- and I was arrested wearing a kippa,tzizis a white shirt and black pants. Anything else said about me was slander.
"I'd like to stress that I am a talmid of yeshivas Sharei Tvunah in Elad under Harav Aharon Chadad shlita. I am makpid on the yeshivas sedarim and I uphold my status as a yeshiva bachur.

"Before the abolishment of the Tal law I followed the protocol and went down to the recruitment office as mandated, but in the last two years I didn't answer my draft notices upon the advice of my Rabanim.

"I thank all those who have supported me on the outside, specifically the Vaad Hatzalas Olam Hayeshivos. The hafganos have strengthened me greatly. "

In the meantime he is sitting and learning in jail. "There are 3 minyanim a day here. I feel good. I am strengthening myself and hoping for good news."

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