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Regarding Israel: Vishnitz Monsey Rebbe Defers to his Nephew

Disappointment among those who oppose the draft. Despite the request of Harav Chaim Flohr, the Vishnitz Monsey Rebbe refused to sign a letter against the draft of Yeshiva Bachurim.
Moshe Weissberg, כ"ד אייר תשע"ו 01/06/2016 14:22

האדמו"ר מויז'ניץ ממונסי לצידו מימין הגר"ח פלאהר

Harav Flohr who is involved in the Israeli goings on, and is close to the the Gabad of the Eidah Charedis Harav Tuvia Weiss went into the Admor together with the Rebbe of Purisov from Yerushalayim. The Rabanim asked the Admor to sign a letter instructing Yeshiva Bachurim not to report to the recruitment office.

The Rebbe asked, "Has my nephew, the Admor of Vishnitz Bnei Brak signed?"
Harav Flohr answered," The Rebbe from Bnei Brak is part of Agudas Yisrael and is unable to sign."

The Rebbe of Vishnitz Monsey answered, "If so why am I supposed to sign… I am not involved the Israeli politics. Everything related to politics must be asked to the Admor in Bnei Brak. If he will not sign neither will I."

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