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Heartbreaking: Young Boy Buried Next to his Mother

Williamsburg accompanies a little boy to his final resting place
Moshe Weissberg, כ"ו אייר תשע"ו 03/06/2016 00:10

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A multitude of Williamsburg residents attended the heartbreaking levaya of five year old Shimon Yisrael Meisles today.

The boy's paternal grandfather the Shopron Rav mentioned the words of Dovid Hamelech," "מאת ה' היתה זאת היא נפלאת בעינינו and said that this tragedy is in the category of כי יפלא ממך דבר""- (incomprehensible). "There wasn't even time to daven for the child." The grandfather cried out," This is the second tragedy that this family is suffering!"

He also said, "this week we will say חזק חזק ונתחזק, we need a double chizuk.
Shimon's maternal grandfather , Harav Shpitz said," This boy was born when his mother was already ill but didn't yet know it. After she learned of her illness Shimon was a tremendous comfort to her. She loved the child so much and was happy whenever she saw him."

The bereft father cried bitterly and said," "מיין טייער קינד, שמעון ישראל - שמעון הצדיק איז נישט דא מער! מ'וועט מער נישט זען דיין לעכטיגע פנים"
"My dear child Shimon Yisrael, Shimon Hatzadik is no more! We will no longer see your lit up face."

The father accepted the din upon himself and said that the maalah of Aharon Hacohen's remaining quiet and said nothing at the time of his pain lest words that shouldn't be said about Hashem should escape his lips."

Shimon was buried in Monsey beside his mother.

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