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Three Lakewood Bachurim injured in Accident

Three Lakewood bachurim were injured in a serious car accident late Thrusday night.
Lakewood Scoopכ"ח אייר תשע"ו 05/06/2016 01:16

לייקווד סקופ לייקווד סקופ

Three bachurim were injured late Thursday night when a car failed the traffic light and slammed into the car carrying the bachurim. The car flipped over from the force of the collision and came to rest in the grass.
The bachrim were taken to Jersey Shore University Medical Center. One bachur was listed in critical condition, one in moderate condition and one suffered light injuries.
The critically injured bachur underwent emergency surgery and Baruch Hashem has stabilized.
The family is requesting that people please daven for Yehuda Nesanel ben Basha Baila.

זירת התאונה. צילום: לייקווד סקופ

Photography by Lakewwodscoop

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