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Amazing Survival of 7 year old Yamato Tanooka

Seven year old Yamato Tanooka was released yesterday from a Japanese hospital after his six day plight gripped the world in worry over the fate of the lost little boy.
Abe Aron, ב' סיון תשע"ו 08/06/2016 14:41

Haim Shohat Haim Shohat

Seven year old Yamato was lost in a dense bear infested Japanese forest after his father left him at the side of the road as a punishment. After driving off, Yamato's parents returned to the place they left him and were devastated to find that the little boy had disappeared.

For six days search parties involving 200 rescue workers combed the forest in search of the little boy but found no trace of him. Everyone had despaired of finding the little boy alive when surprisingly he was found in an army base some 5 miles from the place he was last seen.

According to Yamato he had intended to follow his parent's car, but was so scared and crying so hard over the thought of being alone in the forest that he lost his way. The boy was wearing just a t-shirt and jeans and became cold once night fell. When he came upon an empty army barracks he went in to lie down.

He was found there alive and well six days later.

When asked how he survived the little boy explained that he huddled between two mattresses for warmth and drank water from the tap outside the barracks. "But there was no food," Yamato said.

During the course of his ordeal he recognized the sound of helicopters flying overhead but decided to wait inside until he was found. Other than this one poor choice everyone has marveled and the resiliency and responsibility that this lone 7 year old child displayed.

He was found Friday during a routine check of the army barracks by soldiers who were not part of the search party. (The barracks themselves had been searched earlier but it is still not clear why the boy was not discovered then.) The soldiers were surprised to find the child and asked him, "Are you Yamato?" To which he answered yes, and said that he was hungry. The soldiers gave the starving child water, bread and rice balls and then evacuated him to a hospital for further evaluation.

He was found to be suffering from dehydration and mild hypothermia and had lost 2 kilos during his ordeal.

Yamato's father publicly expressed regret for having been too harsh on his son, whose unusual punishment sparked much debate on Japanese social media about harsh parenting practices.

Yamato said that he forgave is father, admitting that he was naughty and didn't listen when his father told him to stop throwing rocks.

Japanese police have announced that they will not be pressing charges against Mr. Tanooka, though they did file a complaint with the social services about possible psychological abuse.

Yamato was released yesterday from the hospital. When asked by reporters how he felt the boy answered," I'm all right. "He said that he was looking forward to getting back to school as his father took his hand and lead him to a

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