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Frum Jew From JCC Organization In London: “I was saved By A Miracle

Frum Jew shares with “Bechadrei Chareidim” the miracle of how he was saved from today’s horrific terror attack in front of the English parliament building in London
Yackov Farber, כ"ד אדר תשע"ז 22/03/2017 20:27

שפירא (מימין). "ניצלתי בנס" שפירא (מימין). "ניצלתי בנס"

Levi Yitschok Shapira, a frum Jew involved with the JCC in London, shared with “Bechadrei Chareidim” the great miracle of how he was saved from the horrible terror attack that took place in London today. The attack left two people dead, and over a dozen injured, some listed in critical condition.

“We meet twice a week with lawmakers and legislators to discuss matters pertaining to the communal life of the Chareidi community in London”, says Shapira.

“The meetings usually take place in the afternoon hours, but specifically today It was rescheduled for 12:00 PM”.

Shapira explains that, “the meeting was rescheduled because we had to meet with sanitation officials to discuss more frequent garbage removals in the Chareidi areas, since before Pesach one removal a day is not enough”.

Shapira goes on to describe the Hashgacha pratis that took place, “I left the parliament building after the meeting was over and headed home. When I arrived home, I heard of the terrible terror attack. There is no doubt that I was saved by a miracle, because I always arrive (at parliament) at the exact hour that the terror attack took place”.

Shapira finishes off by saying, “I thank Hashem that I was saved from the terror attack, and I wish the injured a speedy recovery”.

Translated by Eli B.

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