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ISIS Orders Operatives To Disguise As Chareidi Jews

According to British Media sources the notorious ISIS terror organization is directing its operatives to disguise themselves as Chareidi Jews to easily avoid detection, and to be able to conceal weapons under a jacket to attack Jewish institutions
Yackov Farber, ג' ניסן תשע"ז 30/03/2017 00:33

זירת הפיגוע אמש בלונדון (רויטרס) רויטרס

Jewish institutions in the crosshairs: The British ‘Sunday mirror’ reported yesterday (Tuesday), that ISIS is calling on its operatives in England to target Jewish institutions.

Following the recent terror attack on the Westminster bridge in London, which resulted in the deaths of three people including a policeman and the injury of dozens more. British police have released to the public a correspondence via social media between the London terrorist and ISIS commanders, who suggested where to carry out the terror attack.

According to the report, ISIS commanders suggested that he carry out the attack on places of entertainment, malls, the big ben bridge, and Jewish institutions. As per instructions he received, the terrorist remained a ‘lone wolf’ and did not reveal his intended target to his superiors, in order to avoid detection by British intelligence agencies.

The phenomena of the ‘lone wolf’ attacker poses a great challenge to security and intelligence agencies, since there is no prior indication that an attack will take place.

According to another report by the British ‘Sunday Telegraph’, British police in London discovered an ISIS social network which carried orders from a senior commander in the organization to ISIS operatives in England.

The commander ordered the operatives to disguise themselves as religious Chareidi Jews so that they can easily slip under the radar and conceal weapons under their jackets, which would enable them to carry out attacks on Jewish institutions.

The message also requested that operatives attack places which have a large concentrated population, and not to reveal their plans to anyone, rather to act as a ‘lone wolf’.

In the last week alone, British police have arrested 10 suspects in the city of Birmingham on suspicion of planning attacks in England.

Translated by Eli B.

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