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Year since Lakewood Accident ● Rav Hominer Returns

Rav Pinchas Hominer, returns to the states ● "ברוך שעשה לי נס"
Yoel Bittelman, י"א אדר תשע"ב 05/03/2012 17:52

המכונית ההפוכה. צילום: Thelakewoodscoop.com Thelakewoodscoop.com

Rav Pinchas Hominer , a Rosh kollel from Yerushalayim , who was seriously injured in a car accident in Lakewood last Purim returned to Lakewood late last week.

Rav Hominer, grandson of Rav Shmuel Hominer zt”l , lives in Ramat Shlomo, Yerushalayim, and is the father of 14 kids, 10 of them not yet married. Rav Pinchas was in the states last Purim in order to collect money for his kollel. His car was hit on Purim night by a frum yungerman from Lakewood.

The Rav was rushed to a local hospital and was admitted in critical condition. So far from home, the ‘Bikur Cholim’ organization took him under their wing, making sure there was someone with him 24/7 while he was in a coma.

A month after the accident, when they were able to transfer him to E”Y, the entire Lakewood frum community pulled together the necessary money to fly him to Israel airborne ambulance style with a medical crew at his side.

In the hospital in E”Y, Rav Hominer came out of his coma, started talking and began the long rehabilitation process.

Last Thursday Rav Pinchas Hominer arrived in New York where many awaited his arrival.

A day after his arrival the ‘Bikur Cholim’ organization together with the emotional Rav presented the hospital staff with a certificate of appreciation.

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